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    The creation of conservation and
    sustainable use areas supporting local governments


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    forests and water sources


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    the sea and marine resources


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    the capacities of rural communities to
    generate or consolidate bioenterpreneurships


WELCOME TO BOMACO Foundation What do we do?

BOMACO Foundation (Forests, Seas and Communities) creates and implements local conservation plans in conjunction with communities, committed local governments, and decision makers. It works on programs focused on environmental conservation, through the implementation of sustainable livelihood alternatives for rural communities in Manabí, Santa Elena and Galapagos. The purposes of the BOMACO Foundation are to promote conservation efforts from local initiatives, support local communities to value their ecosystem services through the repowering of bio-enterprises, restoration and recovery of degraded ecosystems and their biodiversity.

The foundation promotes the creation of Conservation and Sustainable Use Areas (ACUS) with Local Governments, encouraging conservation strategies from the local level. Being the first and only Manabí NGO created for the conservation of the environment and to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.

Our vision

Resilient, thriving and sustainable: forests, seas and communities that benefit everyone and considerably improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Our mission

Create and implement programs focused on environmental conservation, through the search for sustainable livelihood alternatives while improving incomes of rural communities, in conjunction with local governments and decision makers committed to the conservation of coastal ecosystems.

Conservation Incentives

We are currently developing various activities to promote conservation incentives, such as supporting associations that have Mangrove Custodian and Use Agreements to enter the Mangrove Socio Bosque program. In which the government pays annually an incentive to local communities so they can conserve their mangroves and promote carbon secuestration. Among them, the community of El Churo in Pedernales County of the mangrove Association of the ASOPROPECHU and the Association of Crab Fishermen from Salinas 15 de Agosto, San Vicente, Manabí. In this way we contribute so that the communities that depend on the mangroves can access financing that allows the control and monitoring of their territory in the face of threats such as the expansion of shrimp farms.

Beach cleaning

The Bomaco Foundation is committed to cleaning our beaches and coasts. Through inter-institutional management and involvement, it has managed to collect more than 1,000 kg of solid waste on the Jaramijó and San José beaches. Hoping to collect more than 2000 kg for this year.

Interinstitutional Agreements

The Foundation has signed several inter-institutional agreements this year in order to better coordinate joint efforts with local governments and academia.


  • Conservation areas and sustainable use
  • Bioenterpreneurships


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  • Coastal Conservation and Agroecology
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OUR TEAM We are committed to our environment

Marisol Barragán Executive director-founder
Carolina Toapanta President-Cofounder
Diego Salgado Program Coordinador
Julia Cordero Environmental coordinator